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Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign


Developing a wordmark and a visual scheme that can communicate the theme of cheap lonewolf lifestyle via magazine pages.


Lifestyle is a personal choice; Choosing smaller digits in various aspects of life can surely be beautiful.


  • Local, urban population
  • Working class / students; "Educated Poor"
  • "Millenials" of ages 18~ +
  • Possibly social hermits, less physical connection with families but still socially active through mobile network
  • Internet shoppers




In today's world, bigger digits are received luxurious and looked upon regardless of what its real value is. However the standard of beauty has been constantly shifting throughout the human history. Continuing competitions of growth and expansion has called another reaction from its opposite end, also known as minimalism.

"Small" can be received beautiful in many different ways. As of 2017, one subject that most people could agree would be something like "smaller number in price tags". The largest consumer market nowadays; the Millennials, are also known as the most broke generation of our time. "Cheap" used to mean poor in quality but not neccessarily so anymore, because more and more people are checking out the price tags before making a purchase regardless of their earnings. That is widely considered as smart.

Magazine CHIPS is about enjoying such cheap but cool lifestyle while alive.

Research from Goldman Sachs about Millennials' spending pattern

  • Socially connected through social media
  • Less money to spend to begin with
  • Encumbered with debt
  • Different priorities; Not as much focus on building a family
  • Quality is still one of the keys for Millenials, but price is a more important facter than it is for other generations. When marketing to Millenials, a strong brand isn't enough to lock in a sale.



Primary body colour is orange — it counters the green(money), while its contrast is not as alerting as red/green. Considering the target audience, this magazine would probably work better as a web publication, however it started as a printed magazine. Hence I will try to keep the page layout to at least two to three column layout to mimic the long-shaped readings that Millennials are used to. (i.e. Mobile devices) There are straight cut lines spreading out into diagonal directions — to portray the energy as the "rebel" generation.


The title of the magazine, "CHIPS" come from a simple word "chip" which can mean various things.


1. A small, slender piece, as of wood, separated by chopping, cutting or breaking.
2. A mark or flaw made by the breaking off or gouging out of a small piece.
3. Any of the small round disks, usually of plastic or ivory, used as tokens for money in certain gambling games such as poker.
4. A small cut or uncut piece of a diamond or crystal.
5. Anything trivial or worthless.

The word "chips" sounds fun and cheap at the same time, also the definitions fit in with the concept of the magazine quite well; it can be worthless or worth a million. I named the magazine "CHIPS" in hopes that the readers take themselves each as an individual pieces of diamonds.

Starting from the word "cheap", moved on to "bargain" → "cut priced" → "slashed" → "chipped".